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New digipeaters for Southern Highlands "Black Hole"

Hopefully within the next few weeks we should see two new digipeaters appearing on air, covering the notorious "Black Hole" in coverage along the Hume Hwy between Sydney and Canberra.

Thanks to a couple of interested amateurs in the area, VK2RHR-1 at High Range and VK2RGN-1 in Goulburn (Mt Gray) are in the process of being built.

The addition of these two digipeaters should then allow almost continuous coverage along the Hume Hwy to almost the VK3 border, thanks to the excellent coverage from VK1RGI-1, and the relocation of the Wagga digipeater VK2RWG-1, which is now providing excellent coverage out to Gundagai and down towards Holbrook.

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