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APRS to be trialled during HCC

WICEN NSW will be trialling the use of APRS as a tracking network during this year's Hawkesbury Canoe Classic.

A customised version of Andrew VK5EX's "MEX" application will be used to provide canoe timing information through a small number of sequential checkpoints in a Proof of Concept trial.

In addition a small number of TinyTrak unis will be installed in key assets to enable them to be tracked by event organisers.

The HCC event will make use of a semi-closed APRS network operating OFF the national frequency - a handful of digipeaters have been established to cover the course, however an I-Gate will be implemented to allow the data from the event to appear on the APRS-IS for interested parties to follow.

WICEN NSW has not previously used APRS in any formal manner for events, so it is hoped that this trial will be the start of a healthy relationship between WICEN NSW and  APRS technology.


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