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APRS via Satellite

How do we digipeat via the Satellites?

Easy! Simply set your standard APRS setup over to the Satellite frequency (Generally 145.825MHz Simplex), set your path and away you go. Remember however that because the satellites are in orbit, the window in which the satellite will be visible will be small.

LOW power is to be used - the satellites will hear you, in most cases even a Handheld will get in.

Please also be considerate to others wanting to try via the satellites. There will be other users within the satellite footprint trying to get in - most likely you will not hear them as they will be WELL beyond your horizon. Set your beacon interval to a reasonable time (90-120 seconds) to allow everyone a fair go.

APRS Path Settings

To work the satellites, your path must be set to digipeat via ARISS,SGATE,WIDE2-1
ARISS is a common alias used by the Satellites, and SGATE is required in order for a recieving SatGate to pass your position report into the terrestrial network, and WIDE2-1 is the path used once the beacon is in the terrestrial network, and should be enough to reach a normal VHF IGate.

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