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VK4HM-3 and T2QLD

 Hey all
Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Cairns Amateur Radio Club digi at Mt Haren has been turned off today.  It was replaced by VK4HM-3 which is an IGATE based on javAPRSSrvr version 3.15b08.  We had a few battles getting this up and running, caused by faulty serial lead.  (Seems my partner was sold a mouse extension rather then a 9pin serial lead) It is operating on 145.175 Mhz at Mt Haren.  The management interface is on it will be both ipv4 and ipv6 enable once we install the cisco router in the repeater hut.


T2QLD has had an ip upgrade to  and IPv6 [2406:8A00:A000:FFFF::24] both these ips are available on the equinox and pipe peers. Any more information on the IGATE or T2 Server please contact myself of Howard VK4BS (

Samantha Scafe

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