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Online Services


Database lookup and mapping

  • is an excellent site for pretty much ANYTHING to do with APRS packets. Using Google Maps, pretty much any information desired about a packet can be derived from this site, including decoded graphical representation of telemetry, RF path taken.  APRS.FI even supports the commercial shipping tracking format known as AIS.  APRS.FI also has an API that allows embedding of realtime maps within other sites, an example of this can be seen right here on this site.

  • FindU is found at FindU was the first online database, and is still implementing new functionality even today.  Findu has an extensive database which can be queried in many different manners to generate static displays of the data. These displays include maps, weather charts, packet listings, etc. Many of these pages automatically update at a predefined interval.
  • jFindu found at This uses javAPRS to display live maps in your browser. This database lookup site requires that your browser be Java-enabled for the javAPRS applet to run allowing live mapping of APRS-IS activity.



APRS users can send a message to an EMAIL or SMS recipient. Details on this service can be found here.


QRZ Lookups

SAQRZ Lookup allows you to lookup any Callsign on using an APRS message. Details on this service can be found here.


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