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HF NET Stations

What is a NET Station?

HF Net stations are used as reference stations when tuning equipment prior to use. Net stations identify themselves with a beacon at 5 minute intervals, to ensure that users have a known reference to tune to.

How do we use them?

Net stations are configured with a special alias of TUNE. This alias acts as a digipeater, but ONLY for the purpose of alignment tests. Whilst a HF setup is being aligned, the user can set a beacon rate much higher than the standard 10 minute interval, and transmit via the TUNE digi. When the frequency alignment is correct, the user will be able to hear the digipeated packet. The highest and lowest frequency that the packet is digipeated at can be split to find the middle of the passband of the net station. At this point, the beacon rate and path must be returned to normal.

Who are the NET stations?

The HF Net stations for each band are:


  • Primary NET Station - VK5LY-4
  • Secondary Net StationVK2IO-4


  • Primary NET Station – VK3MY-4
  • Secondary Net Station - VK4DMI-4


  • Primary NET Station - VK2IO-4
  • Secondary Net Station -


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