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How APRS clients handle Emergency beacons


Although not widly used, aprsDOS has a feature that responds to emergency signals, requiring user intervention to silence the alarm.

Kenwood TH-D7

Unfortunatley the TH-D7 did not respond in the way we would have hoped when it recieved an EMERGENCY! beacon. Instead of alerting us to the message, it simply displayed a beacon posit in the same way as a standard posit. It does however SEND a correctly formatted EMERGENCY! beacon.

Kenwood TM-D700

The D700 responds by a series of beeps, and displaying "EMERGENCY", the call, distance and direction on the display. This display remains locked displaying this information until it is manually acknowledged.




UI-View itself has no support of EMERGENCY! beacons, however the APRS Emergency add-on project by Giuseppe IW2JZQ adds functionality to handle them. (Initial Installation is in Italian, but program does have English). To install this addon, first install version 1.11, then upgrade to the latest EXE file. Note that versions below 1.21 will only work if AGWPE is used to connect the TNC to UIView

When an EMERGENCY! beacon is recieved, the program sounds an alarm and pops up a window with the details. It also draws a circle around the station sending the beacon on the UI-View map display.


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