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APRS Servers


T2SYDNEY has been updated to aprsc. Please ensure that you are using the region rotate address of ""

As always should you discover any problems there's contact details on the status page for each Tier2 server.


T2TAS Software Update

 Just a quick note to advise that T2TAS has been updated to now use "aprsc" and "aprsg" for local iGate duties. The 40m to 2m HF gateway is still using "Digi_Ned"

VK4HM-3 and T2QLD

 Hey all
Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Cairns Amateur Radio Club digi at Mt Haren has been turned off today.  It was replaced by VK4HM-3 which is an IGATE based on javAPRSSrvr version 3.15b08.  We had a few battles getting this up and running, caused by faulty serial lead.  (Seems my partner was sold a mouse extension rather then a 9pin serial lead) It is operating on 145.175 Mhz at Mt Haren.  The management interface is on it will be both ipv4 and ipv6 enable once we install the cisco router in the repeater hut.


T2QLD has had an ip upgrade to  and IPv6 [2406:8A00:A000:FFFF::24] both these ips are available on the equinox and pipe peers. Any more information on the IGATE or T2 Server please contact myself of Howard VK4BS (

Samantha Scafe

T2TAS now IPv6 ready

 Over the weekend I finally got around to setting up IPv6/4 dual stack so now T2TAS can be accessed from either

Tier 2 rotate servers

There's been some recent changes made to the T2 (Tier 2) network that now adds load balancing to the rotate aliases. Previously the rotate alias was hard coded so if by chance a T2 server in the rotate list went down then that rotate alias would suffer as a result. Now the T2 zones are setup to be dynamic, so in the event of a server going down another that's in the same zone will be placed into the list to replace it.

This doesn't alter the local rotate address of as this is independent to the T2 rotate system!

I strongly advise to use the rotate address (either the local or T2) as this will provide you with the best possible connection into the APRS-IS ensuring that you will get a local T2 server instead of one from another zone.

VK7HSE-1/VK7HSE-JS migration to T2TAS

 I've recently applied to become a third T2 server for Australia, this will bring the total number of T2 servers in the Oceania region up to 5 servers. This will have little to no impact on end users that choose to use the server within their APRS client.

Current T2 servers in the Oceania region are...





Please if there are any issues please advise so I can rectify ASAP!

Tier2 Server Update

In order to bring our APRS-IS servers back into line with the global Tier2 server setup, some minor changes have been performed on both and

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